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You have all the signs of a successful career, but
are you leaping out of bed on Monday mornings?

Do you find yourself:

  • getting crankier by the day?
  • dragging yourself to work?
  • feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?
  • secretly wondering if you’re meant to be an entrepreneur?
  • hating your job with no idea how to make it better or what to do instead?
  • wondering how you will ever be able to walk away from that paycheck?
  • carrying around enough head and stomach ache remedies to fill the shelves of a drugstore?

Welcome to Internal Groove® where you will find your ultimate rhythm of passion and purpose. My name is Barb Garrison and I have been where you are now. I promise there is a way out that will make you more fulfilled and happier than you’ve ever been.

I firmly believe that passion is the missing link to wellness. You can drink water, eat vegetables and go to yoga all you want, but without passion, purpose and work you love, your immune system won’t be 100%.

With my services you will:

  • Discover the work you’re meant to do
  • Identify ways you stop yourself from having what you want
  • Move beyond the safe options without fear
  • Create time freedom
  • Increase your focus and motivation
  • Recover from burnout
  • Identify your life purpose and begin living it now
  • Get your resume to the top of the stack
  • Master job search strategies to land your dream job
  • Start a new career or make your own business a reality
  • Get paid more for what you love to do
  • Take your business to the next level

If you are ready to start getting paid for the work you were meant to do, please contact me today. It isn’t just about having a great job (even though it’s a big piece of the puzzle), but designing a life you love.

  • Barb Garrison, Career & Money Breakthrough Coach and Job-You-Love Expert


    Career & Money Breakthrough Coach and Job-You-Love Expert helping burned out, success-driven professionals redesign their careers based on their TRUTH.

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    “Feelings of overwhelm were keeping me from living life effectively and joyfully. In addition to Barb's enormous support and strategies to deal with my current overly hectic life, she even gave me tools to avoid future stress. With Barb's guidance, including specific guidelines for setting boundaries, not over-scheduling and making requests of others, I have been able to streamline my life and live more in accordance with my values.”

    Magazine Writer & Editor