I Hate My Job But NO Idea What to Do Instead

“I Hate My Job, but Have NO Idea What to Do Instead” TM

(and even if you don’t have a job but need one)
2 Days to Finally Finding the Work You’re Meant to Do

Escape career misery and
STOP DRAGGING yourself out of bed.
START LEAPING out of it instead
… even on Mondays!

A 2-Day, Virtual Workshop on
the weekend of March 2-3, 2013
from the comfort of your own home

“Inspired by Barb’s intuition, knowledge and style, I became aware of my values and those now help guide both my career and life in a way that aligns with who I am. I make more conscious choices and fully own those choices. I learned to fight for my dreams rather than for my limitations and that leaves me far more fulfilled!

Janet, Director of Creative Services
Los Angeles, CA

“I had a concept of what I wanted my life to look like, but I didn’t know how to make that happen. Without Barb’s program, I would probably still be stuck in my career, knowing deep down inside that it wasn’t what I wanted, but too afraid to get out. I’m now living my “real” life – the one I’ve always dreamed of.”

Jessica, Associate Publisher
Los Angeles, CA

“The moment I began working with Barb, I found a guardian angel that could help me dismantle my career anxieties, fears and frustrations that were holding me back. As a bonus, I improved all of my relationships because I no longer needed to “vent” to my husband and friends about work. Giving myself the gift of Barb allowed me to achieve my goals so gracefully that it brought me to a whole new level in my life, personally and professionally.”

Beth, Talent Agent
Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Barb, I’ve gained clarity about what I want my ideal career to be like. Doing it on my own was too large a task. I’ve stopped procrastinating and worrying excessively which, in the past, stood in the way of reaching my goals. I feel tremendously optimistic about my future.”

John, Controller
Los Angeles, CA

I was in a career rut and my biggest revelation was realizing I’ve never been paid for doing something I love to do. The workbook material was perfect for discovering my “hidden” talents. Barb’s career coaching techniques feel tailor made for me. She helps me see so many possibilities outside my comfort zone and believe in myself. I got my dream job and I’ve never been happier!

Beth, Business Manager
Los Angeles, CA

“Barb always highlights my strengths which helps me build confidence in new ways. Through various exercises, visualization, timed writings, role playing and guided self exploration, I discovered what I want to do with my life. Barb supported me to find the courage to finally leave my job and pursue an entirely different career path that I feel passionate about.”

Karie, Travel Agent
Los Angeles, CA

“Coming into this work, I thought it was just going to be about my career. The effects of Barb’s work have changed me into a confident, focused, self-sufficient woman in all areas of my life. How good it feels to know I can count on me!

Jill, Business Owner
Marina del Rey, CA

Dear Cranky But “Successful” Professional,

OK, it’s only the first few weeks of the New Year, but tell me, how many hours THIS WEEK did you spend on ANY of the following?

  • Fantasizing about marching into the boss’s office and saying in a strangely calm yet defiant voice, “I resign. But first, do me a favor … SCREW OFF.”

    Instead, imagine waking up in the morning saying to yourself, “I am so grateful to do the work I do. I can’t wait to get started today!”

  • Bickering with your partner because he’s growing tired of hearing how confused you are and you’ve been promising to make some clear decisions for a year.

    How about you and your partner get to spend your energy dreaming (and making those dreams come true) because you’ve removed a HUGE stressor from your life? (Do you know how sexy loving your job is?)

  • Practicing your “I-SO-want-this-job!” smiley face so you can give a good interview and start a whole new regime of long weeks doing work you dread.

    What if the smile on your face wasn’t forced. but was a true indicator of the joy you feel inside as you’re doing the work that fulfills your life’s purpose?

  • Wondering how you will ever be able to walk away from the “security” of that paycheck.

    Face it… you know the truth. Job security nowadays is an illusion. What if you put trust in YOU and explored what you can create?

  • Biting your tongue at work instead of sharing what you really think.

    What if you were valued for your opinions because they were in alignment with “the company’s” values? (Maybe you’ll even find you want it to be your OWN company.)

  • Checking your phone compulsively because you’re a wreck about work (or not having work).

    When you do check your phone, on your terms, you smile with delight about the message that’s coming through because it reflects the very thing you love about what you do.

  • Pushing through deadlines despite being sick or having fatigue that no amount of sleep cures.

    Let’s replace that fatigue with the vibrant energy that comes from engaging your unique gifts and talents towards a purpose that lights you up.

  • Popping enough head or stomach ache remedies to fill a drugstore.

    It’s true. When your soul is being sucked out of you, it affects your health. (I know because I’ve been there.) Can you imagine that your doctor may actually miss you because you haven’t been to her office since your last physical a year ago?

  • Trying to forget the dreams you once had for yourself.

    Let’s replace this with… trying to forget the misery you experienced in your everyday work life.

  • Hitting the snooze button for the 5th time, dreading the idea of starting the game all over again (either looking for that job you don’t even want or dragging yourself to the one you have).

    Yes, I can help you create a career that makes you want to LEAP out of bed!

  • Or ANY OTHER SOUL-DESTROYING activity that is related to your career.

    Time freedom, creative freedom, financial freedom, freedom to be who you really are, and freedom to make your own choices will nurture your soul more than you can imagine.

So, how do you get there?

Let’s start here… Once you’ve added up your hours of frustration per week, do this calculation:

Hours of Career-Related Misery per Week x Some Ungodly Number of Weeks I’ve Permitted This to Continue = Total Misery Inflicted Upon Myself (a.k.a. Career HELL)

Face it. You’re scared because you know your soul (and your confidence) is withering on the vine one day at a time and you don’t know how much longer you can take it.

It’s okay. I’ve been right where you are now. Like you, I THOUGHT the only 2 choices in front of me were:

(1) Remain in a career I hated


(2) Start all over from the bottom.

I felt stuck and even GUILTY for thinking this way. I mean, I was the epitome of “SUCCESS.” I had climbed the corporate ladder. I made great money. I had a fancy title and perks my colleagues drooled over. I had great shoes and purses …

How could I be so miserable when I seemed to have so much?

I walked into my office every morning as the
“Responsible Successful Professional”
that I knew I should be, but INSIDE all I could hear was
a little voice that kept saying,

“I hate my job, but have no idea what to do instead.”TM

It was like a mantra. Was I asking for too much? Was this as good as it gets?

What I realized is that I hadn’t taken the time and done the work to figure out WHO I truly was and WHAT I really wanted.

But once I did, doors seemed to start opening magically.

And I learned that designing a career you love
is not an impossible luxury

You can do the same for yourself. On your terms too … And I can help you get to the “other side” of this mess a lot faster than it took me.

“I Hate My Job, but Have NO Idea What to Do Instead” TM

(and even if you don’t have a job but need one)
2 Days to Finally Finding the Work You’re Meant to Do

A Virtual Workshop

A take-you-by-the-hand, closed-door virtual intensive for burned out, success-driven professionals who aren’t sure
they can endure one more day of the confusion and doubt (and that would be with or without a job).

This will be a very small and exclusive group where you’ll get lots of personal attention and coaching so that you’ll have the opportunity to walk away with the answers you’ve been looking for. (Have you been wrestling with this for a year? 2 years? Get it solved in 2 days!)

March 2-3, 2013 – from the comfort of wherever you want to participate… no travel necessary!
(Only 8 6 5 Seats Still Available for this Exclusive Program)

Results You Can Expect in Just 2 Days:

  1. Feel RELIEF because you’ll realize you’re not alone, not crazy and definitely not a failure for feeling this way AND you’ll see a path out.
  2. Work You Are Meant to DoKNOW the answers to your biggest questions about THE WORK YOU’RE MEANT TO DO.
  3. Get CLEAR on the POSSIBILITIES that would be perfect for you, on your terms.
  4. Design a career ACTION PLAN that works for your life as it looks TODAY.
  5. Step into WHO YOU REALLY ARE and feel great about that.
  6. Have a compelling new vision TO PROPEL YOU FORWARD each and every day.
  7. Learn my secrets to finally generate the INCOME you need DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.
  8. Master SIMPLE STEPS you can take today to begin transforming the job you have into a job you love.

Don’t endure another January promising to do something about your career situation.


Yes, Barb! I want your secrets how I can finally generate the income I need, doing what I love!

Single Payment of $696OR4 Payments of $224

What’s Included:

  • 2 full days of coaching with Barb Garrison (me)– In this intimate group setting (maximum of 8) you’ll receive lots of one-on-one attention AND be supported by the wisdom of the group.
    • Get straight answers to your most burning career questions-on the spot.
    • Speak freely in a confidential setting without the fear of being judged because everyone is in the same boat (including me at one time!)
    • Learn my 7-Step Strategic Formula for career power and relief with a series of FUN, transformative exercises designed to propel you from confusion to clarity, FAST.
    • Design a personalized action plan and craft a portrait of your ideal career-one that reflects who you really are.

    My tried and tested career coaching techniques make this process fun, easy and EFFECTIVE to ensure your learning and self-discovery is put into action, both now and over the long-term.

  • Transformative Career Exploration Worksheets – Highly interactive and creative exercises, templates and checklists that will uncover who you really are to develop your unique portrait of an ideal career.
  • A Fast-Track Pass to the Elements of Your Ideal Career – A unique tool to lift you up and out of fear and overwhelm. From 11 core areas, you will identify the exact elements that will create YOUR soul-satisfying ideal career. You will take away this customized-for-you “job description” so you don’t have to shove yourself in a box that doesn’t fit and you can attract exactly what you want.
  • Life Purpose Discovery – Stop going through the motions only for a paycheck! Discover how the right kind of work (along with paycheck that values you) can support your personal purpose instead of sabotaging it. (You’ll never believe how easy this is when you know what to look for.)
  • Answer the “Entrepreneurial Question” – Get clarity on whether you’re meant to work for yourself or not. Both options come with benefits, risks and rewards. Find out which is for you and put the “what if?” to bed for once and for all.
  • 22 Career Research Strategies – Learn 22 ways to road test your career choices before making a commitment. Avoid more stress and heartache. Feel confident you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Barb’s Interview Secrets (Including the one thing you must say in an interview to stand out from the crowd) – Learn how to turn an informational interview into a real job offer. Ensure every interview is a valuable stepping-stone in your job search. Understand “behavioral interviewing” so that even the most challenging meeting will feel like an easy conversation.
  • A Strategic Momentum Plan – Create a step-by-step action plan and time line that will eliminate short term overwhelm and long term procrastination. Know what to do and in what order. Stay focused. And create that job you know is right for you.

Where the Journey Happens:

Let your hair down and feel nurtured as we all come together virtually from the comfort of our own homes (and maybe even in our jammies).

Step away from the distractions of daily life and give yourself the gift of concentrated time and space to finally get clear about the work you’re meant to do.


Yes, Barb! I want your secrets how I can finally generate the income I need, doing what I love!

Single Payment of $696OR4 Payments of $224

And here’s the best part…Not only can I help you, but…

  • A Gift for YouI have a gift for you – Especially this time of year, it breaks my heart to watch people drag themselves back to work after time away for the holidays. When you aren’t in the right job for you, this is truly no fun. Or, if you’ve been looking for a job, but feel like you’re spinning your wheels, this is even more painful. But…you’re in luck becasue once a year, a portion of the investment for this program is “on me” to help people like you get to the other side of this frustration.
  • You’re in the right place at the right time – I only offer this particular program at this special investment at the start of the New Year becasue I don’t want “money” to be an excuse. In addition, you have the option of an extremely budget-friendly, 4-pay plan. This means you have 4 full months to pay off this investment in your career (and likely your health too). And at only $224 a month, you will barely notice it in your monthly budget, but feel it in a BIG way when you are doing work you KNOW you’re meant to do.
Because I know this workshop may actually be the answer to your prayers, I’ve reserved some time just for you in the next week. This is your personal invitation for the opportunity for a F.R.E.E. Career Strategy Consult with me so you can have your first breakthrough and get clear if this retreat is right for you. Book a time to chat with me here.

Additional Bonuses Valued at Over $767 (nearly the amount of your entire investment in this workshop):

Bonus #1

  • A Private 1:1 Coaching Session with Me, Barb Garrison – Scheduled in the first 2 weeks following our 2-day virtual workshop, this 45-minute power-packed session will ensure you’re staying the course and focused on results. Rest easy knowing you’re on track for a career with passion and purpose in 2013! ($296 value)

Bonus #2

  • A Critical Key to My Own Career Transition Journey – The book that inspired me to dig deep and pursue my dreams will be rushed to your home. This book will inspire and support your soul-satisfying career. ($25 value)

Bonus #3

  • Secrets to Permanently Creating An Open-Door Policy for Prosperity (And it’s not what you think!) – In this juicy interview, I share my secrets for shifting critical money mindsets you must have while in the process of career transition. This one hour recording will literally change how you think about money and your career. ($196 value)

Bonus #4

  • Downloadable Audio Recordings – Following the Retreat, you will receive mp3 recordings of each valuable moment we’ll have together so you can trust every detail we discussed will be at your fingertips (and in your success library) just when you need it most to reinforce your learning. (And many clients tell me they gain new surprising insights when they listen back to themselves on recording.) ($250 value)

Yes, Barb! I want your secrets how I can finally generate the income I need, doing what I love!

Single Payment of $696OR4 Payments of $224

Satisfaction GuaranteedBarb’s Rock Your Career Total Satisfaction Guarantee: Spend 2 days with me doing all the assignments, engaging fully and taking the action steps you commit to. If you don’t have a clear picture of a career you love based on who you really are, personally tell me at the end of your follow-up coaching session and I’ll take the money right out of my pocket and refund your workshop investment. It’s that simple.

This guarantee is my way of supporting you to make one of the most important decisions of your career.

But in Case You’re Making Excuses,
Let’s Tackle Them RIGHT NOW.

(Because We Humans ALWAYS Drag Our Feet
Right Before a Breakthrough Happens)

Excuse #1: You seriously want me to take 2 whole days to “work on myself and my career”?! And give up my weekend? Geez. Don’t you get that I live for the weekends because it’s the only thing that gets me through my week at work…

The Truth: Give me 2 days of your life. I’ll give you back your ENTIRE LIFE. Come on, that was too easy. You can do better. Next excuse please …


Excuse #2: It’s right after the holidays. I’m not sure I can afford – or WANT to afford – the tuition. Can’t I just go buy a book or talk to a friend or something?

The Truth: Learning how to realign your entire career to support your mental, physical, emotional and financial well-being is worth at LEAST the cost of a few dinners out and some lattes or even a car payment (and THOSE don’t pay you back a darned thing.) But the real question is … I know you’re smart; if you’d been able to figure this out on your own, don’t you think you would have by now?)


Excuse #3: I’m kind of embarrassed about not being able to figure this out on my own by now.

The Truth: I understand. I’ve been in that same boat. And it’s OK. In fact, everyone in this group will get it – more than you know. The good news is that I’m “on the other side of the street” inviting you to join me over here because I’m now the career coach I desperately needed at one of the roughest periods in my life. I can help you and there is absolutely no shame. In fact, I will show you why what’s happened is perfect.


Excuse #4: But the money…

The Truth: I have made this so budget-friendly that it should be a no-brainer. And remember, this is only a one-time-this-year opportunity. $696 for the two-day, small group retreat, plus all your bonuses including private coaching with me. Or you can make 4 payments of $224 each – that gives you 4 full months to pay off a small investment that will literally pay you back for years to come. That really leaves you no excuse.


Excuse #5: What are two days going to do for me seriously? I mean, it’s not like I haven’t been in this position for years. It’s going to take me years to get out of it – or never.

The Truth: Wow! That tells me you REALLY need this virtual workshop! You really can get an answer to your career blues in two days. As I’ve said, give me two days, and I’ll give you your life back.


Excuse #6: Whine, whine, whine. But it’s so much work….

The Truth: Hey, this is nothing! What you’ve been doing for way too long is burning more energy than you even realize. Besides, you don’t even have to travel, get a hotel room, put on make-up or iron clothes for this retreat. You can just show up on Saturday morning on our private conference line, spend all day Saturday and Sunday with me and a handful of other people who are in the very same shoes you are, and do it while wearing your pajamas if you like. We won’t tell!

Please Don’t Let Another MINUTE Go By
AGONIZING Over a Career That’s Sucking the Life out of You

This is NOT As Good as it Gets.

I know it takes courage to stand up for yourself this way and ask for guidance and support. You might even think that if you just “try a little harder” maybe things will improve.

Believe me, they won’t. They’ll only get worse. I know. I’ve been exactly where you are now. And I waited too long.

You deserve to have choices. I can help you create wonderful choices that really do make you want to leap out of bed and seize the day ahead.

To live every single day with passion and purpose requires you to VALUE yourself and that takes a special kind of courage.

But you’ve read this far because you feel it in your bones that your career shouldn’t make you feel so horrible-mentally, physically, emotionally.

Can’t wait to spend two days with you virtually in March!


Yes, Barb! I want your secrets how I can finally generate the income I need, doing what I love!

Single Payment of $696OR4 Payments of $224

Here’s to your own Internal Groove,

Barb Garrison, Career & Money Breakthrough Coach, Job-You-Love Expert

P.S. Will you promise me one thing? Don’t register for this retreat because it feels like another “should.” Register for this workshop because you can’t go one more day without knowing there’s something better ahead.

And know that whatever doubts you’re feeling, whatever the Negative Nancy is saying in your head … I believe in you. I know what’s possible for you. And I will take you by the hand and show you how to get there.

If you still have questions, you can book a time to chat here. No pressure. Just open, honest and confidential communication about what’s best for you right now.

P.P.S. If you register now, I know it’s going to pull you forward, and you’re not going to wake up feeling depressed next January. What’s that worth to you?

P.P.P.S. Oh, one bonus I forgot to mention. You with a career you love makes ALL your relationships better! Here’s that link to sign up one last time.