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A New Chapter

A New Chapter

How do you cope when the universe decides to throw you a curveball? If you’ve lived long enough, you have certainly had to deal with some unexpected, uncomfortable, and even frightening circumstances that somehow turned out to be a blessing in the end. For those of you who could use some inspiration right about now, here are some encouraging words about finding opportunity within a challenging situation.


The cosmic frying pan.

We’re all bound to be hit with it once or twice… and maybe more for those of us on a path of self-development.

How curious it is that we’ve all just gotten bopped with it at the same time.

Hmmm… what might the universe be trying to say?

I have lived long enough to know that every experience, no matter how dreadful it may seem in the thick of it, has hidden gifts. And the best way to reveal them is simply to look for them.

For instance, in my years as a career coach, I have seen many clients, devastated from the loss of a job, emerge and flourish on the other side of the healing process with a sense of deep gratitude for the wisdom and growth they have gained.

Personal power is so much about mindset, regardless of your experience!

Some of the hidden gifts in our current situation may be:

  • Renewed recognition of priorities.
  • A new path or opportunity opens up.
  • A chance to regroup/re-energize/rest/recover.
  • Deeper understanding of one’s personal needs for fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Unexpected, creative solutions.
  • Time and space for improving our self-management skills.

Whether you have been affected in a positive or negative way by this pandemic, you have been given an opportunity for growth.

If you are one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been thrown into survival mode, you have, at the very least, an opportunity for gratitude, and possibly a chance to help others who are not so fortunate.

If your life has seemingly been turned upside down, or you are facing an uncertain future, keep the faith. Focus on your immediate needs. Take care of your physical and emotional well-being, and your family for now, and look for the hidden gifts as the dust starts to settle. There will likely be a restructuring of things, at least for the short term, and it is inevitable that some of the changes will be positive.

It is my hope that we will all look for the hidden gifts in our experience, and take the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, our work, and the things that bring us joy.

As with any crisis situation, people usually come out on the other side with more appreciation for the things that matter most… and that is always a good thing!



If you have specific work challenges in this unusual time, questions about options for navigating something you’ve not encountered before or simply need a shoulder for some extra support, I am here for you so please consider booking a private phone consultation. And yes, this is on me to support your ease and good health.

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