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A Personal Touch

A Personal Touch

Does your resume have personality? Here are some ways to infuse your resume with a little something special and unique to you… and remember, money talks!


Resumes and interviews form the foundation of any effective job search strategy.

In many cases, they are the only means the interviewer has of getting to know you.

Therefore, it is an opportune time to present yourself as a perfect person for the job.

One place where many people neglect to maximize this opportunity on resumes is in previous job descriptions.

Since the resume is the first impression the interviewer gets of you, it is fitting to include accounts of significant positive actions you have taken in previous jobs.

Interviewers assess what can be expected of you in their company based on specific actions you have taken in prior positions.

Past behavior is a great indicator of future behavior.

For this reason, your resume is the perfect place to include specific examples of effective strategies you have implemented in previous jobs.

In addition to skills, tasks, and responsibilities, my recommendation is that you also include a summary for each prior position.

In this summary, include something you are proud of accomplishing for the company during the term of your employment.

This could be:

  • an important goal you achieved for the company
  • an operational improvement
  • or anything that moved the needle forward

In most companies, money talks!

In fact, in most companies, money talks louder than anything.

So, if there are instances in the past where you have increased company revenue in some way, you should absolutely indicate that in the summary.

Any positive monetary action should go here. This includes saving money, increasing revenue, return on investments, increasing sales, etc.

Including significant positive actions you have taken in previous jobs on your resume will also provide material for further discussion in your interview.

You will go into your interview with more confidence, knowing you have already made a good initial impression on your interviewer.



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