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And… Action

And... Action

Do you often find yourself doing things that don’t move you toward your goals? If so, it may be because you haven’t created an action plan. It’s something I highly recommend, and here’s why…

As a legacy entrepreneur, you are likely to have a wide range of interests and skills.

Maybe you feel you are a Jack/Jill of all trades. Or you just know that you enjoy learning about different things.

This is a good thing in many ways, because it gives you a wealth of knowledge and a well-rounded perspective on problems that come up in your business or personal life.

It can also be a hindrance if you aren’t using it to your advantage.

What I mean by that is, if you are constantly going off on tangents just because something has attracted your interest, you may not get much accomplished.

That’s why people who have a wide range of interests need to practice effective self-management in order to accomplish their goals.

For this reason, I teach my clients to create an action plan.

An action plan is something that lists the most important tasks that need to be done for you to meet your goal.

This can be a short-term or a long-term goal. The time frame is less important than just having the plan. And I do recommend that you put it in writing.

You will find that the simple act of identifying the actions you need to take and putting them on paper will start to pull you toward your goal.

It will be easier to stay focused on the actions you have set for yourself rather than getting distracted by projects or activities that take you in a different direction.

And once you start feeling that momentum, you’ll be motivated to stick with it until the end. Before you know it, you’ll need a new action plan because you will have followed through and accomplished all the tasks on the previous one.

This is how you transform your dreams into reality!



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