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Are ya sure?

Are Ya Sure

If you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere, or spinning your mind and going crazy, there is a simple, easy, tiny, magic word you can use to stop the madness… Here’s how.


What most people refer to as time management, I call self-management.

When we manage how we spend our time, we are really managing ourselves.

One clear way to determine that you are not practicing effective self-management is if you are feeling overwhelmed.

We often say ‘yes’ to things because we want to maintain a high level of productivity, make more money, etc.

The problem is, when we are saying yes to too many things, our productivity, income, and other aspects of our business and personal life suffer instead of improving.

If you are in a state of overwhelm, and feeling like your wheels (and your head) are spinning out of control, you are likely saying yes to too many things.

This means your life and business could benefit greatly from saying no more often.

Give yourself, your business, your clients, and your loved ones the gift of learning when to say no. It’s a great way to establish healthy boundaries

“But, how do I know what to say no to?” you may ask.

The best way to gauge if it’s an appropriate time to say no is to ask yourself if you can give a complete yes.

If you have reservations, anxiety, or just a gut feeling that saying yes to something is not ideal for you at this time, then you are not able to give a complete yes.

An incomplete yes is a no.

Saying ‘no’ with grace, style and kindness is a wonderful way to keep yourself sane and productive. It is also a way to gain respect from the people you interact with.

You will find that people come to respect and honor you and your time more when you are able to say no, if necessary.  And those who respect and honor you make better clients, colleagues, friends and associates.