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Are You A Career Wise Entrepreneur?

Are You A Career Wise Entrepreneur?

Are you a secret entrepreneur? If so, you may not even be admitting it to yourself, but somewhere deep inside you are wondering… This audio clip will help you work through one of the most common questions many aspiring entrepreneurs have, so you can be career wise from the beginning.

Career wisdom is essential when you are considering starting your own business.

There are lots of steps to building a successful business, so starting your entrepreneurial venture before you quit your current job is usually a good strategy.

If you want to be career wise, one of the keys for a successful business is being able to build it without the pressures of money (or at least minimize those pressures).

This is why I started both of my businesses while I was still working in the corporate world, and it’s why I advise my clients to do the same.

It’s much easier to start exploring the idea of a new business when you have a current source of income.

This way you aren’t focused on survival, and you have more clarity to put toward building your business.

I attract a lot of what I call secret entrepreneurs.

These are people who often don’t admit it to themselves that they want to be an entrepreneur.

Or maybe they have an idea they may want to be an entrepreneur some day but they’re almost afraid to speak it out loud.

The first thing I do with these clients is to settle them into their current job.

There are many ways to make the job you have easier.

I assist my clients to pull back their energy and not invest as much initially as they start to build their business on the side.

This way they aren’t leaping into the void of nothing and having to start from scratch.

It makes the inevitable bumps in the road to entrepreneurship less daunting.



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