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Are You All In?

Are You All In?

Are you all in with your business? Are you committed to your business success without attachment? Here’s some great advice to help you be all in, no matter what. no matter what


When you are a legacy entrepreneur, or on the road to becoming a legacy entrepreneur, rule number one is:

Be fully committed.

This means commitment without attachment.

It’s one of the most powerful life lessons you can learn.

What do I mean by commitment without attachment?

You are committed to your business without attachment to all the hows.

This is important because you may not actually know how things will unfold.

You have a plan, of course. But you are not attached to things developing in a certain way.

Certain aspects you think are important in the beginning may change as you put more time in.

Your business model may evolve. The people on your team may change.  New customers will come and go. Your business may not blow up as soon as you hoped.

But when you are all in, you don’t give up.

This is much different from the mindset: I’ll try this and see what happens, which is NOT the rockstar mindset required for being a successful legacy entrepreneur.

A rockstar mindset says: I am going to make this work, no matter what it takes.

This is the attitude that sets you up for success.

Being all in without attachment is a statement, an affirmation, not a question. It is the piece that makes a difference when things get tough or challenging.

Being a legacy entrepreneur can present a few more challenges than sitting in a cubicle and collecting a paycheck.

There will be times when you have questions, when you’re unsure, when you tired, when you’re discouraged.

Of course, there are tools you can use in those times.

You can rest, regroup, or restrategize in some way.

But, most importantly in those times you want to remember that you’re all in no matter what.

This is what will eventually bring the money breakthroughs and successes you are working towards. Life lessons are not always easy, but they are rewarding and worth the effort in the end.

If I could give one piece of advice to a legacy entrepreneur, this is it.

Be all in, no matter what!

If you aren’t ready to do that, you aren’t ready to be a legacy entrepreneur.



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