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Are You On Your List of Values?

Are You On Your List of Values?

Having a list of values is essential to living your best life. The question is: are YOU on that list? It is my mission as a life and career coach to help people keep themselves at the top of their list of values. Here are some helpful reminders of why that’s important.

When it comes to your list of values, two of the topmost items should be:

  1. Valuing who you are in all your uniqueness.
  2. Valuing your truth.

Not valuing these things enough (or even at all) is one of the most common challenges I help my clients address.

This is a pervasive issue in our culture.

When you value yourself, you honor your uniqueness.

You know there is only one you in the whole wide world, and that the most important thing to do is to be the best version of yourself.

No one else even has a chance at doing that, in just the same way you don’t have a chance of being anyone else.

Often, the reason we undervalue ourselves, our truth, and our unique contribution is that we take on the opinions of other people.

These are usually the people who are closest to us.

When you live according to YOUR truth, you let go of the shoulds.

You don’t live your life or choose your career based on what your parents, your spouse, or anyone else told you was right, or what your family tradition might dictate.

You are the most important source of inspiration and direction for your life.

Your truth and how you express yourself as a unique individual is up to you and no one else.

It is part of my mission to help others realize this and learn to value what they bring to the table.

It isn’t even about what you do as much as it is about who you are.

Do not undervalue yourself! You are here to be YOU, and no one else can



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