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To do: Be good to YOU!

To-do: Be good to YOU!

Ever experience mental anguish over not getting to important tasks on your to do list? Gain some insight into one golden list item you may be missing.


The to-do list… that never-ending list that seems to get longer every day.

And it often compels us to engage in some unpleasant self-talk when we don’t accomplish as much as we think we should.

Let’s take a moment to ponder the cycle I just outlined.

When we don’t accomplish everything on our to-do list, AGAIN, and we resort to negative self-talk because of it, what does that do for our productivity?

Negative self-talk actually decreases productivity.

So, by giving ourselves negative feedback for not doing enough, we are actually perpetuating the cycle of not doing enough.

Sound crazy?

That’s because it is!

So, if you are someone who indulges in this kind of craziness, I have a suggestion for you. Bear with me for a moment, as it does involve adding to your to-do list…

As a self-management remedy, I recommend that you add to your to-do list several items each day that make you feel secure and confident.

This is because we are more productive when we feel secure and confident.

So, rather than engaging in extras that impede your ability to accomplish the things on your list, I’m proposing that you add items that will actually increase your ability to accomplish your goals.

If you feel refreshed, clear, and more functional after taking a 20 minute walk in nature, put that on your to-do list for the day.
That simple act will make all the other actions you take for the day more efficient.


Because, negative self-talk invites you to engage in a combative dialogue with yourself. That resistance requires energy… and time.

If you, instead, plan for activities that override this tendency, you essentially reserve and reroute that energy for completing the tasks on your list.

And the bonus is… you have a positive attitude while you’re doing it!



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