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Become a Business Success Story

Become a Business Success Story

Everyone loves an inspiring business success story. If you want to create your own, learn this simple and easy way to contribute to the success of your business every day.

Becoming a business success story involves many factors, but income generation is one of the most important, because it’s the primary fuel for your business growth.

As a Certified Money Breakthrough method coach I help my clients hone in on all the ways they can make and save money in their businesses. That’s why I advise them to do something that moves the needle of income generation forward every day.

Every. Day.

That means it doesn’t matter what you have planned for the day.

Regardless of the clients you have lined up, or the marketing projects you are working on, activities that move the needle forward and generate potential income need to be balanced with all the other activities involved in running a business.

In fact, they need to be a top priority.

While things like filing, organizing your desktop, or working on your logo are important activities, they don’t have the potential to bring in revenue.

So what do I mean by income generating?

Making a phone call or going to an event and inviting someone to consult with you is something that could potentially generate income.

Creating a class, posting it on social media and inviting people to attend is another possibility.

Reaching out to a past client to ask how they are doing has the potential to generate income.

Even if you only work one hour per day, that hour should be spent on potentially income generating activities.

It’s a winning practice that will help you build a business success story one day at a time.



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