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Business Ownership and Habitual Patterns

Business Ownership and Habitual Patterns

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, have you considered how your habitual patterns could impact your business? Listen in here to learn some common habitual patterns that can have a negative impact on business ownership.

There are a few key habitual patterns that many people carry into their businesses without realizing the negative impact they can have.

Business ownership is an inherently creative process.

Whether their business is related to art or not, entrepreneurs engage in creative problem solving on a regular basis.

So anything that undermines or thwarts creativity can have a negative effect on business.

Following are four common habitual patterns that I have found can have a detrimental effect on business ownership if they are not kept in check.

Keep them in mind as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey:

  •  Self doubt/not being your own best advocate

    Business ownership has lots of ups and downs. The downs can be brutal if you beat yourself up or take them personally. Be aware of your self-talk and strive to keep it positive at all times.

  • Not valuing yourself

    When you don’t value yourself, you don’t value the product or service that you offer. This can lead to angst about how to price your product or service. It can also affect how you negotiate with potential clients or buyers. The negative impact is that you don’t get paid what you deserve.

  • Comparing yourself to others in your field

    Keep in mind that, even though others may be doing the same thing you are, no one is doing it in the same way. The unique way in which you do something is an asset. Truly, there is no comparison between you and someone else. It’s like comparing one flower to another. They are all beautiful and unique in their own special way.

    Beware of spending too much time on social media or browsing websites of others in your field. This is a quick trip down a rabbit hole of negativity. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to develop YOUR unique voice, style, brand, etc., not to copy what others are doing, or to assume that they are doing “better” than you based on what you see on social media.

    It’s also important not to compare your progress to others in your field. No one has the same personal life and challenges as you, so again, this is like comparing apples to oranges. Stay in your own lane!

  • Perfectionism

    Getting too wrapped up in trying to get everything perfect without even knowing what your market wants, what’s going to work for you, or whether it’s the right timing, you’ll never get out of the gate.

    You did not choose to be a business owner so you can hide out, play small, or be unwilling to try something you aren’t sure is going to work. Being a business owner is synonymous with doing things that may or may not work. And sometimes they don’t. Perfectionism doesn’t allow for this and that will hold you back and stunt the growth of your business.

Chances are, if you are human, you are operating with one or more of these habitual patterns that can potentially hinder the growth of your business.

Being aware is the first step toward changing your behavior.



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