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Career Pathways and Habitual Patterns

Career Pathways and Habitual Patterns

Career pathways are created (to a large degree) through habitual patterns. Learn how I help clients identify and transform habitual patterns they didn’t even know they had in this audio nugget.

Most of my clients show up with a set of problems they believe are completely external to them.

Here are a few examples of the things new clients often claim are impeding their career pathways:

  • I must be in the wrong business.
  • I hate my boss.
  • My team doesn’t do their job.
  • I don’t get paid enough.
  • I have the wrong market.

While these complaints and issues are certainly valid, I have found that such external challenges are only about 20% of the problem when you are feeling burned out and dissatisfied with your job or career.

These are what I call the whats of the issue.

Luckily, the hows are where the real meat of transformation lies.

And by hows, I mean your habitual patterns, i.e., how YOU bring yourself to the situation.

Why Habits Are Important

When you realize that a whopping 80% of your work issues are about YOU, you start to understand exactly why habits are important.

And, as I said before, this is a lucky truth.

Because you can change your habitual patterns much more easily than you can change external factors, like how your boss behaves or how much money you make.

Let that sink in…

The majority of your life experience depends on how you bring yourself to what you do.

Many of the things people attribute to “beyond their power to change” are simply not true.

They go around saying things like:

  • I’m not good with money.
  • I’ve always been this way (whatever the way may be).
  • I can’t help comparing myself to others.
  • It’s because of how I was raised.

No baby is born with the ability to be self-doubting or the need to compare themselves to others.

These are habitual patterns.

You do have a choice about how you spend money.

You do have a choice about how you speak to yourself.

You do have the power to change your habitual patterns!

But you first have to acknowledge that they are habitual patterns.

This is where I start with my clients.

I start from the inside, and then work out.

I help them uncover the habitual patterns that are tripping them up so they can do the necessary inner work to transform their behavior.

The best part of the process is that many of the whats disappear when the inner work is done to address the hows.



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