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Career Pathways and Personal Growth

Career Pathways and Personal Growth

All career pathways take detours along the way. How do you handle it when things don’t go as planned in your career? In this clip, I’ll offer an encouraging perspective on how to approach unexpected situations.

Career pathways are never straight lines.

As we learn new things and grow into new versions of ourselves, we make choices that take us in different directions.

There are also circumstances that arise on our career path that are completely unexpected.

These are our best opportunities to learn and grow.

In my opinion, living is inseparable from learning and growth.

It’s actually one of the purposes of life.

We should all be aspiring to learn until our last breath.

Are you learning something new every day?

Do you meet unexpected circumstances on your career path with eagerness and determination to use them as opportunities to become a better version of yourself?

If not, chances are you are not stretching yourself enough.

It’s good for the soul to regularly step out of your comfort zone and venture into new, uncharted territory.

It’s actually where a lot of the joy of life resides.

Who wants to be in a job that never challenges them?

If that’s the case for you, you are probably not doing a lot of learning or growing. And you’re probably bored with holding the status quo.

Overcoming obstacles, solving problems, and meeting challenges with an attitude of curiosity and willingness to learn can bring satisfaction that can’t be gained in other ways.

So, if you are living in a status quo situation, I encourage you to seek new circumstances that give you challenges and opportunities to grow into a fuller version of yourself.

And if you are in a challenging job, career, or life circumstance, I encourage you to seek the learning opportunity hidden within it.

If you’ve got the wiggles, like having your feet in jello, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but it’s not going to hurt you.

And, in the case of a challenging life or career circumstance, it’s only going to make you better.



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