Give a Gift of a Career Strategy Breakthrough

Conscious Giving in the Time of Covid

Give the Gift of a Career Strategy Breakthrough

We are navigating uncharted territory here in America this holiday season. But, as I always say, every situation has hidden gifts. The time of Covid is no exception. So, listen in as I outline what some of those gifts are, and how we can use this unique holiday season as an opportunity to practice a new kind of giving.

And, in the spirit of giving gifts of service and appreciation rather than physical products, I would like to offer a special holiday coaching gift to those who could use some comfort, hope, support, and encouragement during this time of new beginnings.

It may just be perfect timing for a gift that provides an opportunity to kick start a loved one’s career for the upcoming year.

So if you know anyone who could use a Career Strategy Breakthrough Session, (including you), check out my holiday offer of $100 off.

Give a gift of support and expert guidance that inspires renewed hope and energy for a brand new year (and it doesn’t need to be dusted).

This offer is valid through December 31, 2020. This purchase is non-refundable
and can be redeemed anytime between now and May 1, 2021.