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My Role as a Career Transformation Coach

Are You Ready?

“Have you ever failed to help someone?” It’s a question I have been asked a time or two as a career coach. Here, I’ll share my honest reply, and follow it up with a question for you.

Career transformation is a process that’s different for everyone.

One of the reasons I love facilitating the course of career transformation for my clients is that I get to work as their partner.

It’s a much different dynamic than, let’s say, a doctor who prescribes a pill for their patient.

While I am, in a way, “prescribing” certain actions and behaviors, the journey to determining what those actions and behaviors are is traversed in partnership with my clients.

Their particular personalities, circumstances, life and career goals, etc. are what shape the trajectory of the journey. And every client has different needs.

Career transformation with a coach is a co-creative process.

Clients who benefit most from working with me are those who want to be active participants in their career transformation.

They may be asking themselves:

How do I navigate the process of reinventing myself?

They may need some direction and guidance on the path of career growth or finding their purpose.

They may need advice on how to start their own business, or even wonder if that’s a good idea for them.

My job is to give them the tools they need to make wise and well-rounded decisions on the path of  life and career transformation.

I am the partner that helps them see things from a different perspective, to discover their innate gifts and talents, and to get unstuck when there are challenges. The goal is to make creating the life and career of their dreams as painless and efficient as possible.

I don’t drag people uphill. I walk with them, and offer them helpful tools when the climb seems steep and arduous.

Working with clients who are seriously ready for career growth is rewarding for myself and for the client. It is a pleasure for me to watch my clients grow into more fulfilled, motivated, productive, happy people.

Questions to ask yourself…

If you are thinking about partnering with me as a client, here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if we will be a good fit:

  •     Are you ready to do the work?
  •     Are you ready to take action?
  •     Are you ready to implement?
  •     Are you ready to experiment and stretch past your comfort zone?

If you answered these questions with an enthusiastic yes, then I’m excited to act as your guide on the path to life and career fulfillment.

Let’s get started!



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