Don’t “Cook Your Own Goose” This Holiday Season

Our lives are busy enough with many demands on our time that it’s often challenging to maintain our life balance.  Throw in the holiday season and many declare it impossible to do more than simply survive December. Unfortunately, this puts you in the role of victim and isn’t much more empowering or fun than having […]

Your In-Box Will NEVER Be Empty and Your Purpose Can’t Wait

As I write this article, I’m on a plane heading home from quite a transformative trip working in an all-day 1:1 with one of my coaches. (Yes I have a coach too, more than one actually, and plan to until the end, because there is absolutely no substitute for that kind of support in my […]

Too Many Passions?

Howard is nearing age 50 and has followed one passion after another into a variety of careers. Although each choice made perfect sense to him, his parents and friends keep asking when he’s going to get serious and rise to the top in just one profession. The old saying: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the […]

Are You Working in Sync with Your Values?

Satisfaction and fulfillment at work are directly related to how well you are working in alignment with your values. Values are not morals or principles. They are the essence of who you are—not who you think you should be, who your company thinks you should be or who your mother or partner thinks you should […]

Why There’s No Such Thing as Bad News for Your Career

Why There’s No Such Thing as Bad News for Your Career

Even what feels like the worst possible news, something that really trips you up or feels disappointing—a “no” from somebody, losing something you had (even your job!), not getting something you wanted, a boss, co-worker or client that really pushes your buttons—can actually be a fabulous blessing in disguise.

Are You On the Road to Burnout at Work?

Most of us have been taught that it is nobler to give than to receive. At work, this may translate into always saying yes and doing whatever it takes to be a “team player.” While this may feel good and is usually rewarded by your colleagues and higher-ups, giving too much of your time and […]

Are You a Risk-Taker?

What is a risk? For one person it might be quitting a secure, well-paying job to go back to school. For another, it could be deciding to take their business in an entirely new direction. For someone else, it could be reporting that the company they work for is endangering the environment or people’s lives. […]

What Birthdays and Terrible Emergencies Can Have in Common

Hello my beloved friends, family, fans, and clients – You have all been so generous with your birthday wishes, Facebook posts and voicemail songs in celebration of my birthday. It has meant a lot to me to return home from our vacation to all this good mojo. This really is what birthdays are about. Because […]

Jump Out of a Plane? Sure, just don’t ask me to make a decision!

Consider this: to fulfill your potential and enjoy fulfilling work inside of a rich, full life, you must take at least some risks. And while security may appear to be the absence of change, long periods without change and risk are even scarier. I find the Universe has a funny way of delivering a kick […]