Take a Brain Break

Take a Brain Break

Have you been ingesting too much upsetting news at night about the horrible situation in Ukraine? I know I have. Yes, I want to stay informed. I also know it’s been impacting my sleep lately so I decided to focus on different kinds of input for my brain at night before I go to bed and podcast listening has really helped.

Driven by curiosity, gently observing yourself can be one of your greatest learning tools

Observing Ourselves

We ALL have an opportunity to learn and listen more, use our voices and take intentional action.

Don't Cook Your Own Goose

Don’t “Cook Your Own Goose” This Holiday Season

Our lives are busy enough with many demands on our time that it’s often challenging to maintain our life balance.  Throw in the holiday season and many declare it impossible to do more than simply survive December. Unfortunately, this puts you in the role of victim and isn’t much more empowering or fun than having […]

Your Inbox Will NEVER Be Empty and Your Purpose Can't Wait

Your Inbox Will NEVER Be Empty and Your Purpose Can’t Wait

As I write this article, I’m on a plane heading home from quite a transformative trip working in an all-day 1:1 with one of my coaches. (Yes I have a coach too, more than one actually, and plan to until the end, because there is absolutely no substitute for that kind of support in my […]

Too Many Passions

Too Many Passions?

The old saying: Jack-of-all-trades, master of none! reveals the bias against those who choose a varied work life rather than committing to a unidirectional path. There was a time, however, when society admired such a person. In fact, some of our greatest contributors have been talented in a variety of areas.

Are You Working in Sync with Your Values?

Are You Working in Sync with Your Values?

Satisfaction and fulfillment at work are directly related to how well you are working in alignment with your values. Values are not morals or principles. They are the essence of who you are—not who you think you should be, who your company thinks you should be or who your mother or partner thinks you should be. Take this quiz to see how well you are working in sync with your values.

Why There’s No Such Thing as Bad News for Your Career

Why There’s No Such Thing as Bad News for Your Career

Even what feels like the worst possible news, something that really trips you up or feels disappointing—a “no” from somebody, losing something you had (even your job!), not getting something you wanted, a boss, co-worker or client that really pushes your buttons—can actually be a fabulous blessing in disguise.