How To Derail Disappointment in Your Job Search

How to Derail Disappointment in Your Job Search

When you’re in the midst of a job search, even a beautifully executed, strategic job search, there will inevitably be disappointment along the way. Here’s a critical tip on how to not let that disappointment derail your job search efforts… What do you find challenging about networking? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If […]

Abundance If You Please

Abundance, If You Please

Who wants the universe to send more abundance? If you do, you have to first hone your request. There are a couple of sure fire ways to send the wrong message. Here, I’ll clue you in on some effective ways to make sure the universe hears your request loud and clear. What money clutter could […]

No More Money Clutter

No More Money Clutter

What is money “clutter”? It’s when you have money “situations” that unnecessarily zap your time and energy. Take note of these common money clutter examples so you can avoid them and spend your energy on making money, not cleaning it up. What money clutter could you stand to clear? If you’ve ever wondered if you’re […]

What Did You Just Say

What Did You Just Say?

If you write the wrong thing, you can erase it and replace it. What can you do about erroneous thought patterns? Listen up for this brilliant strategy on how to erase and replace your negative thoughts. What power statement works for you? If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the work you’re truly meant to […]

Do I Really Have To Track All My Money To The Penny

Do I Really Need to Track All of My Money to the Penny?

A strong advocate for not spending your life doing work just for a paycheck, Barb offers powerful insight on how, why and when to watch your money and track your finances. What has been your experience? Share your thoughts about money in the comments below! If you’ve ever wondered if you’re doing the work you’re […]

Actions Even On Sad Days

Actions to Take Even on Sad Days

Is getting out of bed sometimes a challenge? Here’s what you can do, even on sad days, to help amp up your motivation and get yourself going…    Self-management If you have a business or work in a self-directed environment, you know how important (and sometimes challenging) self-management can be. No matter how good […]

Tracking Income and Expenses

Tracking Income and Expenses

Money likes to be paid attention to! Don’t be afraid to look at your numbers – they will give you some great insight on your business. Here is my best tip for tracking your income and expenses.

Are You On the Road to Burnout at Work?

Most of us have been taught that it is nobler to give than to receive. At work, this may translate into always saying yes and doing whatever it takes to be a “team player.” While this may feel good and is usually rewarded by your colleagues and higher-ups, giving too much of your time and […]