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Charting Your Legacy Business

Charting Your Legacy Business

Do you feel career satisfaction is elusive to you because you want to start your own business but feel it just isn’t possible to make a living doing what you want to do? If so, allow me to change your mind with some facts about clients I have coached in the past.

Charting your legacy business requires serious self-inquiry if you want it to lead to career satisfaction.

Helping people map a career pathway that fits their unique personality, talents, gifts, and career goals is one of the most rewarding parts of being a life and career coach.

As it turns out, most clients who come to me with an entrepreneurial itch have a lot of assumptions about what they can and can’t do for a living and why.

They have formulated ideas about how easy or challenging certain aspects of building a business will be.

They have biases about what they think will work for them.

They think they know what they will need to get started (and maybe that they don’t have it).

Most of these assumptions are not based in fact.

That’s why my first order of business with clients like this is to help them discover the holes in their well-meaning assumptions.

The fun parts of that hole-poking process are the surprises that come up.

For instance, I have had clients proclaim on day one with me that there is one particular thing they are not going to do no matter what.

They have decided that this thing is just not viable.

Maybe they think it won’t fit with their lifestyle. Maybe they think it will be too much work. Maybe they have determined it will not be lucrative enough, or that they won’t be able to get the right clients. Maybe someone told them it isn’t possible and they believed it.

And then, as the hole-poking process unfolds, we inch closer and closer to that very thing.

It is not uncommon that, after doing a full exploration of all the factors that put the puzzle of their ideal career together, they land right on the thing they have declared is not going to happen.

And they are happy to be there, because together we have begun to chart a legacy business they can feel confident and excited about creating.



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