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Clearing Money Clutter


Abundance isn’t just about money. And when we let our inner and outer spaces get cluttered up, it affects the flow of all types of abundance. Here’s a helpful perspective on money clutter that can help facilitate a steady flow of abundance in your life and business.

Having a money breakthrough is about creating abundance in all areas of your life, not just your bank account.

So, while it can certainly include money, it is also related to attracting the ideal clients for your business, or having the ideal partner, or having the time and space to enjoy doing things that bring you fulfillment. Anything that enhances your experience of life is an aspect of abundance that can be enhanced through the money breakthrough experience.

A good way to think about money and other forms of abundance in your life is to imagine a flowing river or stream. When the water is able to flow freely without obstruction, there is a beautiful synergy that happens with everything around it. But when the flow becomes obstructed, all that synergy is interrupted, and it affects all the other surrounding systems.

It’s the same with money flow, which is in many ways directly linked to the flow of abundance in your life and work. When you allow things to obstruct or inhibit that flow, it causes a ripple affect out into other areas of your life as well, not just your bank account.

What are some tangible ways you can keep your money and your abundance flowing?

By managing what I call money clutter.

Money clutter is anything that causes an obstruction in your daily processes. It can be the processes that involve your physical space, or your mental and emotional processes.

If you have clutter in your physical space, it can create a sense of disorganization in your mental and emotional processes. Not to mention the extra time it adds when you need to find an important item in the midst of all the clutter.

It’s the same if you let bills pile up (even if they’re just digital and not literal physical clutter), or if you don’t collect money that’s owed to you.

When we have these things in our lives, they tend to clutter our minds with constant mental reminders that drain our energy. This is an obstruction in the flow of abundance.

Can you think of any other things that would qualify as money clutter based on this definition?

Make a commitment to yourself to keep the clutter cleared so you can enjoy a steady flow of abundance.