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Clues For Choosing

Clues For Choosing

If you’re feeling exhausted, you may not be taking ownership of your choices. Here’s a prudent clue about making choices that renew your energy, and your power.


Making choices from the wrong place can cause us to build up resentment.

And harboring resentment is exhausting!

The first self-management tool for making choices from the right place is acknowledging that we always have choices.

We do find ourselves in circumstances sometimes that present us with difficult choices, yes. But, there is still a choice.

If you’re feeling resentful about a choice you made, take a moment to consider a few things:

  • What did you gain by making the choice?
    Every choice we make allows us to get something we want. So, acknowledge that you are choosing something you want, even if you have to give up something else.
  • Is there an option you haven’t considered?
    If you feel you’ve had to give up something valuable, is there a way to replace it, reschedule an event, or somehow create an alternative plan to recover, rather than forfeit (which is also a valid option)?
  • Can you make another choice, i.e., change your mind?
    If you subsequently decide that the choice you made was not ideal, maybe it’s time to revisit the decision, and go the other route.
  • What choice can you make now to feel more at peace?
    It may be a good time to simply take a break, unwind, give yourself some space, talk it through with a friend, or take some other action to help you step out of resentment.

Taking responsibility for your choices allows you to be more proactive in choosing what is really right for you.

Feeling stuck and powerless in a situation is the opposite of taking responsibility.

One tiny conscious choice can put you on the road to personal power.

It doesn’t have to be a monumental overhaul of your life… just a step in the right direction.

And here’s the bonus:

When you take responsibility for your choices, new options you hadn’t even considered will suddenly appear.

Once the clouds of resentment have cleared, the light of new solutions can shine through.



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