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Compiling Your Personal Strengths List

Compiling Your Personal Strengths List

Do you have a solid list of personal strengths? Most people overlook a lot when building theirs. You’ll learn some of the best places to look in this insightful nugget.

Every job search strategy should include compiling a list of personal strengths.

And the reason isn’t so you can shove yourself into a box of someone else’s job description.

The purpose of creating a personal strengths list is so you can use it to create the job that best suits you in all of your uniqueness.

I take my clients through a reverse engineering process of first building a personalized list of all the things their dream job would include, and then creating that dream job.

Some key elements that need to be considered when compiling the list you will use to create your dream job are:

  • Activities that light you up
  • Things you enjoy doing
  • Things you are good at
  • What your personality is like
  • What type of culture you enjoy being a part of
  • Whether you prefer working alone or in groups
  • Whether you like to collaborate or you are more of a solo thinker
  • Whether you are more analytical or creative.

Another important body of information for your list is every single thing you do in your current job.

This includes skills, activities, tasks, and the type of thinking you do. Once you have an exhaustive list, circle or highlight the things you particularly enjoy doing as well as the things you know you have strengths in.

In most cases, you will have a big toolbox of skills that either you aren’t utilizing in your current job, or you aren’t utilizing as much as you would like to. Add those to the list as well.

If there are additional skills you would like to learn or cultivate, add those into the mix as well.

The process of compiling all this information about yourself is an excellent way to start painting a picture of what your dream job would look like, because your personal strengths are far more extensive that someone else’s job description!

I work with clients over long periods of time to answer these questions.

These are all important and relevant topics to assess before looking for the final answer of what job title you want. That is the last thing you do.



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