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Crank It Up and Breathe It Out

Crank It Up and Breathe It Out

Don’t be nervous about your next interview. Use this unconventional technique to pump up your confidence and leave a great impression.


Job interviews are not something that most people would say they enjoy doing.

In fact, the feeling you have before a job interview can be one of the most stressful and unpleasant feelings you experience.

Any well thought out job search strategy should include some action or actions that create a sense of personal power before you go in for interviews.

If there is something in particular you like to do that calms your nerves or puts you in a place of confidence, consider adding that action to your agenda before an interview.

Maybe you don’t have an idea of what you could do.

Or perhaps it isn’t possible or feasible to do the thing you would like to do immediately before a job interview.

If this is the case, I have a suggestion for you to try.

While you are in the car, before you go in for your interview, put on your favorite song.

It should be a song that inspires joy, confidence, or empowerment; a song that makes you feel awesome, that brings a smile to your face, or lifts you up.

Crank it up as loud as you like and soak up those feelings.

Hold onto that inspired feeling. Walk into the place of the interview, and breathe in a sense of personal power.

If you have some waiting time before you go in for the actual interview, be conscious of slowing your breath.


Remind yourself of who you really are.

Think about things that bring you a sense of personal pride.

Contemplate something you like about yourself.


While it may not wipe out all the pre-interview jitters, actions such as these can go a long way toward putting you in a more desirable state of mind. You will carry that joy, empowerment and confidence in with you.



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