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Create a Budget with a Purpose

Create a Budget with a Purpose

Do you feel the need to “escape” your current job, but don’t like feeling pinched financially? Here’s one of my best empowerment strategies for getting on the road to financial freedom.

Financial freedom is about understanding how to use money to create the life you want for yourself.

However, it’s easy to feel conflicted when you feel financially pinched. This can happen in particular when you are trying to save money in order to get out of an unsatisfactory job.

It may feel like you have to sacrifice things you really want to spend money on, and this can create frustration.

One of the greatest empowerment strategies for gaining financial freedom is starting a freedom fund.

That’s what I call the savings you create and build so you don’t have to feel financially unstable when it’s time to make the transition.

You will have to make some small sacrifices along the way in order to adhere to your financial freedom formula. But these are usually insignificant when compared to what you stand to gain by freeing yourself from an unsatisfactory job.

My advice is to create a bank account or even just a bucket and label it “My Freedom from this Job.”

Get really clear with your vision of all the things you will enjoy more than you do now when you are working in a job or career that brings you true fulfillment.

You desire a job you absolutely love! And I want that for you too. I want you to leap out of the bed in the morning with excitement for your day ahead.

When you have this clear vision, and you remind yourself daily of what it is you are saving for, it makes it easier to stick to your goal of saving money. Instead of feeling pinched or deprived, you feel confident about looking forward to the new future you are creating for yourself.

As you watch your freedom fund grow, you will become more and more motivated to save instead of spending. You see your financial freedom getting closer and closer, and this gives you the strength and courage to trim your budget in places where you really don’t need to spend, because your priority is to have a job you absolutely love.