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Integrating Your Values List With Your Everyday Life

Create More of What You Want

Stop telling yourself you’re too busy to do the things that are on your values list. MAKE time! You will be surprised at the difference even a small piece of time can make! Here’s a self empowerment tool for standing in your truth and inviting more of what you value most into your life.

Self-management is not about forcing yourself to do things that are not on your values list.

In fact, a huge part of self-management should be about self-empowerment and standing in your truth, i.e., making time to do the things that bring you real joy and satisfaction.

This is a key for success in life.

If you feel trapped in a job or life that does not allow you time to do the things you love, you are in grave danger of ending up unmotivated, unhappy and burned out.

So here’s the antidote I recommend (and it isn’t going to require you to neglect your responsibilities):

Schedule a half-hour every day to do something that resonates with your values. That’s just thirty minutes!

Your soul fulfillment is worth AT LEAST thirty minutes a day!

If you feel like you’re craving excitement and adventure that can be the thing you put into the thirty-minute block. And you don’t have to be specific. You can just make the space in your calendar and decide when the alarm goes off. Ask yourself in that moment, “What would feel fun and adventurous to me right now?” And then do it.

You will be surprised how much of a difference it makes, just getting that small piece of time for doing something on your values list every day.

It’s a way of making a statement to yourself and the universe that this is what is really important to you, and that your happiness and fulfillment are worth the time and energy.

Another ripple effect of doing this practice is that, when you feel good about yourself, you have a sense of confidence and purpose. It helps you to discover your true self. It provides rare moments where you are likely to receive sparks of inspiration or ideas about how you can get even more of what you love in your life.

And since I believe everyone should be getting paid to do what they absolutely love, the best part is that it can propel you in that direction.