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Creative Research is a Critical Component of a Good Job Search

Creative Research is a Critical Component of a Good Job Search

If you’re in a job search, it’s important that you spend time on creative research. Here, I’ll offer you some insight into the ins and outs of effective research so you can get hired.

While networking is an integral component of finding your dream job, there’s one thing that needs to be done before you start networking.

It’s creative research.

Research is a fundamental component of any effective job search strategy.

The kind of research I’m talking about will be specific to your field and/or the particular company you want to work with.

The more you know, the more valuable you will be for the position you seek.

Some of the ways you can pump up your value through research are:

  • Reading trade publications.
  • Staying abreast of current events related to your industry or company of interest.
  • Finding out who the key players are in the company or field you are interested in.
  • Learning about the mission of your company of interest.
  • Discovering some unique facts about the company’s history or culture.
  • Anything that makes you stand out as someone who is “in the know” is good research.
  • Peruse platforms like LinkedIn for live networking events in your area.

The internet fortunately makes it super easy to do this type of research.

And LinkedIn is a way to get even more personal about it, because it gives you a peek into some of the hobbies and interests of people who are affiliated with your area of interest. (That relates to the “interesting facts” in the bullet point above).

I suggest spending two hours at least once or twice per week doing this type of creative research.

While it may seem like a big investment of time, it is time well spent because it puts you a head and shoulders above most other job seekers.

It also gives you a sense of confidence, which is a great asset when you’re looking to get hired.

So, don’t miss out on the benefits of thorough creative research when you’re looking for your dream job!



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