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Creative Solutions for Your Entrepreneurial Venture

Creative Solutions for Your Entrepreneurial Venture

Creative solutions are an integral part of entrepreneurship. And that actually begins before you even start! In this clip, I give a little peek into the process I go through with my clients who have decided they want to start their own business.

I believe that being an entrepreneur is one of the most creative things anyone can do.

And, ideally, creative solutions come into play before you even decide what type of business you want to start.

When I have clients who are considering entrepreneurship, the first thing I do with them is to assess whether they have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

If they don’t have what I call the entrepreneurial bone, they will never be happy as an entrepreneur.

Only when we have determined that they possess the ideal entrepreneur qualities will we move forward with the process of developing entrepreneurial ideas together.

Starting your own business is a huge decision.

It requires much more thought than just assessing what you think might be a lucrative path.

Just because there is a need in the world for a particular type of business doesn’t mean it’s the right business for you.

If you want it to be a fulfilling venture, you have to be true to yourself.

That’s why the next step is taking a deep dive into a process of self discovery.

Choosing an entrepreneurial path that allows you to stand in your truth is not a quick fix.

It involves much more than just a brainstorming session.

This process of self discovery takes time, but it’s a lot of fun for me and for my clients.

This is where creative solutions really start to come into play, because we are crafting an ideal career path that is specific to their needs and desires.

By the time we’ve narrowed the possibilities down to two or three options, they are usually pretty excited about one or two of them.

From there, we start to develop the business model, the concept, the names, branding, etc.

If this sounds like a fun process, you just might be a secret entrepreneur!



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