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Creative Solutions for Networking

Send Three Ships

Creative solutions for networking is a topic every business owner is interested in. Here I’ll share a tiny practice you can adopt in your business that has the potential to bring great rewards.

As a legacy entrepreneur, networking activities are an integral part of building a thriving business.

And the good news is, it doesn’t have to be something you dread.

In her book, The Wealthy Spirit, Chellie Campbell describes the process of ship sending. Hundreds of years ago, before cell phones, it was an occupation for ship builders and owners. They would load up a ship with valuable supplies and send it out in hopes that those supplies would be sold and the ship would return with riches. Since there was no way to communicate with the captain while the ship was at sea, the ship owner just had to wait patiently, sometimes for many months, for the ship to return. And even then, there was no guarantee that the voyage would be profitable.

An adaptation of the concept of ship-sending in our current world is about reaching out to potential prospects, making connections with people, and building relationships.

When you take actions like these, you never know what the return will be, or when it will happen.

Sending out a ship today can be done via email, a phone call, a message on social media (private or public), a personal note, or at an event.

This is not about shoving your business card in people’s faces.

It involves simply making connections, having meaningful conversations, or inviting someone to coffee or lunch, and then letting it go.

I recommend sending out three ships per day.

Most ship-sending actions can be done in 3 minutes or less, with the exception of going to an event. But you actually have the opportunity to send out more ships at an event.

Ship sending is not about closing the deal. It’s about making that connection, putting the word out about what you do, and then letting it go. I’ve had someone approach me for coaching after carrying my biz card around for seven years! So you truly never know when (or how) your “ship” will return.



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