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The Daily Deed

This daily deed will put you on the road to financial freedom

Are you ready to zoom down the road of financial freedom? Here is one indispensable tool for keeping you on track and increasing your money magnetism.


The road to financial freedom is a road that tends to travel more smoothly with a little coaching along the way.

You may run into self-worth blocks, fear detours, and other unexpected obstacles.

Here, I will introduce one of the best tools to keep you on the straight and narrow.

That tool is a monthly income goal. All legacy entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving business must be serious about this goal.

Having a monthly income goal is an indispensable tool for building your business efficiently and effectively. Research has shown this to be the case.

An essential part of achieving your monthly income goal is tracking your income.

This will put you on the fast track to financial freedom.

I give my clients a printed page for tracking income daily. This includes change you find in the laundry, or even coins you may find on the sidewalk.

The purpose for tracking your income down to the penny is that it keeps you focused on your goal, and how close you are to achieving it. It keeps you aware of your financial situation at all times.

This is good because money likes to be paid attention to. And that means simply, when you are tracking your money, more of it comes to you.

Of course, there may be days where you forget or are too busy for the daily calculation. When that is the case, just fill it in when you have time the next day, or within a few days at most.

You’ll be surprised how motivating that daily number becomes to you.

If you have a day where you have to put a zero in the box, you may be encouraged to work harder or get creative the next day. You may also be motivated to keep the momentum on days when you put a large number in the box.

So hop in with your pencil and paper, and get ready for a fun ride into the sunset of your financial freedom!