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Dancing in the Moment

Dancing in the Moment

Are you someone who gets fixated on one possible outcome when you find yourself in a challenging circumstance? If so, you’re sure to glean some refreshing wisdom from this quick bit of advice. Learn how to let go of rigid expectations so you can be open to new solutions you may not have imagined before.

Ever find yourself in a position where there is ONE outcome you are hoping for or expecting and there is no other possible scenario you are willing to imagine?

If so, then you know it’s a stressful place to be.

It’s the proverbial “putting your eggs in one basket.”

If that basket drops, you lose ALL your eggs.

When you are convinced you are right about something, and you have your mind set on just one outcome, you fail to see other possibilities that could actually be more advantageous in the long run.

Often circumstances change, and unexpected factors come into play as a situation unfolds. That means, you may be fixated on a solution that could end up being less than ideal because of information that is unknown at the moment.

When you are able to let go and trust that the universe has got your back, you can open to new possibilities that you weren’t seeing before…or that you weren’t willing to entertain… or that have not even presented themselves yet.

So try this:

The next time you find yourself fixated on one idea, and experiencing the accompanying stress that goes along with imagining how terrible it might be if that idea doesn’t pan out…

Just pause.

Take a moment to breathe.

Give yourself permission to be open to other possibilities.

Challenge yourself to look for multiple solutions.

Keep in mind, this is not an opportunity for you to start imagining all the things that could go wrong.

It’s about being open to possibilities that, in some cases, you may not even know about yet. It’s also about being okay not knowing exactly how the situation is going to unfold, and trusting that you will handle it as it comes.

When you trust yourself and the universe, you know you will find the tools, the people, and the resources you need when the time is right.

So, go ahead… open up, let go and dance in the moment.



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