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Degunk Your Path to Success

Degunk Your Path to Succe

Do you work till you drop because you feel that’s how you achieve success? You’ll be happy to know that success is not synonymous with self-abuse. Here’s a little tidbit of wisdom to reset your perspective.

When you are fresh out of school and ready to learn how hard work can bring you success, you aren’t thinking about career burnout.

You’re thinking about your strategy for career development.

You’re a success planner who is thinking about hard work value. You’re ready to become a legacy entrepreneur.

As the years progress, many of us who set ourselves on a path of success achieved by hard work eventually come to a state of career burnout.

It happens all the time!

We find ourselves in a perpetual state of being tired, frazzled, frustrated, and unequipped to truly enjoy our lives because of the pressures of our career.

We start to wonder if the cost of our success is worth our peace of mind and quality of life.

When we come to this state, it’s an opportunity.

And I don’t mean an opportunity to mentally thrash ourselves because we didn’t figure it out sooner.

It’s an opportunity to listen to what our body, our higher self, the universe, and our current experience is telling us. It’s an opportunity to take inventory of our operations and to clear out all the things that are no longer serving us.

If you’re wondering what those things are, they are the things that are getting in the way of you being the best version of yourself.

And just in case you are thinking you may have lost that person, I’m here to tell you it’s not possible. All the best parts of you are still there. It’s just that you’ve gathered some gunk along the way that is obscuring those parts, most importantly from yourself.

And now it’s time to start sweeping away those dust bunnies to reveal the gleaming beauty of your true self that has been there all along.

Remind yourself that working harder doesn’t necessarily mean working smarter. If you’re honest with yourself, you will discover that you can remove some things that no longer serve your core values and your purpose so you can get down to the business of being your best self.



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