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Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

Discovering or creating a career path that’s a perfect fit for you is not a straightforward process. There are nooks and crannies that most people overlook. In this audio clip I’ll share a great tip on how to uncover some new ideas to get your creative juices flowing about finding work that’s right for you.

Being a legacy entrepreneur is about creating a career that makes your heart sing.

It requires some innovative career strategy work because it’s usually not the most obvious choice.

Most people neglect to look at some of the most valuable clues to finding their dream job, which means they end up going from job to job and wondering why none of them bring the satisfaction they are seeking.

In order to make a well-rounded and well-informed assessment of what your potential dream job would look like, you have to devote some time and energy to excavating these clues from your past.

Usually, this means going WAY BACK into the early years of your childhood and adolescence.

The first things to scrutinize are the activities you enjoyed before you had to worry about paying bills.

What came naturally to you and brought you pleasure?

What did you look forward to?

Look for patterns or themes in the pastimes you engaged in throughout your childhood and adolescence.

Did they involve other people, or were they things you liked to do on your own?

What was the setting like?

What were the different parts or components to the activities?

It’s important to look at these different pieces rather than jumping to the obvious answer without delving deeper.

For instance, if you enjoyed planning birthday parties for family and friends, don’t just assume you should be an event planner and then go out and start looking for a position.

Instead, think about the different pieces.

What was it about planning that you loved and enjoyed? Was it the creative aspect of decorating? Or problem solving when unexpected challenges arose? Did you enjoy the attention to detail? Did you get a thrill from juggling all the different moving parts? Or interacting with all the guests and/or individuals who may have been helping run the show?

Think about the skills you enjoyed using.

Now transfer those skills to potential positions where they would be valuable.

Perhaps you would make a great project manager, or enjoy a job with a robust social component. Maybe you would like to explore the creative side of things in some capacity.

Breaking things down into component parts and skills this way can be a useful tool for discovering new and unexpected possibilities in your search for work you were meant to do.



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