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Do You Give it All Away?

Do You Give it All Away?

It feels good to lend a helping hand! But it’s important to understand why we may be compelled to do so. Use this valuable tip to look a little deeper into your own motives for putting others first.


One key to maintaining personal power and achieving your desired level of productivity is effective self-management.

This becomes particularly important when we are doing things to help others.

If it is our child or someone close to us who seems to need our assistance, the lines can become blurred.

Of course, we all want to raise healthy, productive, well-educated children who feel loved and supported.

We also want to be a good friend.

These are worthy endeavors. They are also places where we sometimes give away our personal power.

We may have a challenging work or personal project we need to tackle.

If our child, or someone we are close to happens to need something from us at that moment, we may choose to forego the more unpleasant task, and help them out instead. This way, we are able to get a quick squirt of feel good chemicals rather than delving into a potentially unpleasant situation.

As humans, we are always looking for ways to feel good about ourselves. The danger is that we sometimes sacrifice our personal power in order to do so.

This is where self-management becomes essential.

When you are faced with a temptation to help someone, be aware of whether you are helping as a means of avoiding something you should be doing for yourself.

Are you taking responsibility for someone else’s situation just so you can feel good about yourself, while the thing you really need to be doing suffers?

When you embrace your own personal power through effective self-management, you demonstrate for your children, and others, how to take responsibility for meeting your productivity goals.

Be aware of the pitfalls of hiding in the idea that it is your job to do everything for everybody else.



If you are someone who seems to get stuck doing things that are not in line with your personal goals and dreams, self-management is something I can help you with.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can point you in the direction of personal power and productivity.