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Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Ideally, you will know the answer to that question, or take steps to figure it out before you set sail on your entrepreneurial journey. This audio clip will help you determine if it makes sense for entrepreneurship to be one of your career goals.

One of the best formulas for success in life is to know yourself.

This is especially true if you are considering entrepreneurship, because the entrepreneur mindset has some very specific qualities.

Many of my clients are what I call secret entrepreneurs.

These are people who have been very successful in corporate positions, but they hear a little inner voice telling them they may want to start a business.

They think they want to be an entrepreneur, but are unsure. As most of us do when it comes to big questions like whether or not to start your own business, they wonder if they can do it or if they’re ready.

But the first question isn’t whether or not to be an entrepreneur.

The first question is whether or not you have what I call the entrepreneurial bone.

It’s a bone you have to take a special kind of “x-ray” for (wink, wink) — the x-ray of your inner vision.

There are some specific qualities that tell me whether someone has the entrepreneurial bone.

Another first step is to dive into your beliefs about what’s possible for you.

Having, or not having, the entrepreneurial bone is neither good nor bad.

But it is preferable to determine whether you do or not before starting a business if you want to enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship.

Some people may not be interested in being entrepreneurs, but they are excellent at being specialists in a certain area in the corporate world for most of their lives.

That’s perfectly fine.

It can be frustrating for someone who is not the entrepreneurial type to step into that role.

It can be equally challenging for someone who is the entrepreneurial type to work in a corporate position.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary to start your own business to be fulfilled if you have the entrepreneurial bone.

You can work for another entrepreneur and help them build their business.

You can also work for a corporation as a business within a business— where, even though you work for a larger company, you are the one in charge of your business within that company.

There is no boss telling you to work on this instead of that. An example of this type of entrepreneurship is real estate.

My biggest passion in life is helping people find their truth and make a living doing it. It’s why I love being a coach for secret entrepreneurs.

Are you a secret entrepreneur?



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