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Do You Really Want to Answer That?

Do you really want to answer that? The key to avoiding distractions

Do you expect others to respect your time and boundaries? If so, you have to respect them yourself. Here is a wonderfully adaptable self-management tool that will get you immediate results.


Self-management is a challenging part not only of running a business, but just life in general, these days.

However, it is absolutely necessary for maintaining an optimal level of productivity.

Time management, specifically, is something most of us struggle with at times. And really, when we talk about time management, we mean self-management.

One simple way to manage your self, your productivity, and your time is to reduce distractions while you are working on a project or task.

How often do you say no to distractions?

Let’s say you get a phone call while you are deeply engrossed in a project.

The person on the other end has no way of knowing you are in the middle of a project.

They aren’t purposely interrupting your flow.

But when you answer the phone anyway, you are, in a way, disrespecting yourself.

You’re also not likely to be fully present and engaged in the conversation at that time. This is something other people can sense.

So, do yourself and your clients a favor, and choose to set aside time on your schedule for returning phone calls when it is convenient for you; when you will be more receptive and less focused on the project you need to get back to.

This is a self-management tool called batching.

Batching allows you to complete like tasks altogether. It is a more efficient use of time than multitasking.

Of course, sometimes multitasking can’t be avoided. However, it’s a wise practice to batch tasks when possible.

Studies have shown that batching saves time. This is because, when we go back and forth between different types of tasks, there is a lag time involved each time we transition. When we batch like tasks together, we avoid having to switch from one part of our brain to another. It cuts out the lag time.

Test this tool by batching your phone calls, and see how it affects your productivity.