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The Beauty of Getting Paid to do YOU!

The beauty of getting paid to do you

Doing the work you are meant to do is different in some important ways than just working for money. Explore some of the amazing and unexpected benefits of doing the work you love, and get motivated to create more of what you love in your life and work!


My answer to the question, “How can I gain financial freedom?” is also some of my best advice as an experienced career coach (and human being).

The answer is:

Do what you love!

Either find a way to do what you love by creating your own business, i.e., become a legacy entrepreneur. Or find ways to integrate the things you love doing into your current job or career.

I happen to be doing work I’m meant to do.

I love talking on the phone. I love helping people create lives and careers that bring them joy and fulfillment. These are the skills I am naturally good at, because I enjoy them. That’s why I’m a career coach!

Often, we totally discount things we are naturally good at. We think, because they come so naturally to us, that they are nothing special.

The truth is, not everybody enjoys doing the same things you enjoy doing. That means most other people are not as good at doing those things as you are.

We sometimes get the idea that, if we’re having fun, we’re not working. I disagree.

The work you are meant to do is the work you love to do. That is exactly what you should be doing to make money!

Not only for yourself, but also for all those potential clients who may actually HATE doing it. They need someone like you to come along and do it for them. And they are more than willing to pay for it.

They want the work to be done by someone who loves doing it. Because they know, if you love doing it, you will do it well.

When you are doing work you love, it feels like free money.

Some other benefits of doing work you are meant to do are:

  • Boundless energy and eagerness to go to work
  • Soul delight
  • Attracting opportunity, clients, prospects, and, of course, money (because of the joy you exude)
  • Freedom to decide when to work (if you are a legacy entrepreneur)

If you are not getting paid to do work you love, I invite you to start thinking more seriously about how you can begin to make that happen. It is possible to gain joy, satisfaction, AND money.