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Don’t Panic!

Self-Management and standing in your personal power help you avoid the pitfalls of your mind

There are lots of reasons why fear and panic can wreak havoc on our productivity, not to mention our health. Tune in to this nugget to find out how to leverage self-management techniques and stand in your personal power to help you avoid the pitfalls of your mind.


Productivity can suffer for a number of reasons when we find ourselves in difficult work situations.

Two important internal tools to keep handy in difficult work situations are:

  • Self-Management
  • Personal Power


There are many reasons why a job may be unpleasant, but one result is certain when we don’t enjoy the work we do, and that is stress. For this reason, self-management is important.

Self-management includes managing your energy. Be aware of circumstances or thought patterns that drain your energy.

Find ways to manage your thoughts or change the circumstance, even if it is in a small way such as going for a walk or taking some deep breaths to clear the negativity.

There is no need to panic, which is what tends to happen when we feel trapped in a difficult work situation.

Simply avoiding this state of anxiety and negativity will free up some quality mental space that may have been unavailable before because of the chemicals that become active in our brain and body when we are in a state of anxiety.

Personal Power

When we take care of our mental and physical needs, we keep our minds and bodies in a healthy space where it is easier to maintain a positive outlook. This allows us to act from a place of personal power.

One powerful way to keep yourself out of panic mode is to always remember that you have choices.

If you are telling yourself you do not have choices, you are taking on a victim role. You ALWAYS have choices, even though you may have a difficult decision.

Personal power comes from a place of responsibility.

Through actions of self-management and personal power, possibilities and solutions you may not have seen in your previous state will start to emerge.

You create a better space from which to improve your productivity in a difficult work situation, or find a new one.



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