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Don’t Say It

Don't Say It

If you consider yourself a people person, get informed on the new way to communicate the merits of your interpersonal skills. For starters, here’s what NOT to say.


It’s no secret that being well-prepared for interviews is a must for any serious job search.

With the advent of behavioral interviewing, interviewers have become quite savvy in eliciting detailed information from their interviewees. This means it’s crucial that you incorporate the answers (and the details) they are looking for into your job search strategy.

Once upon a time, interviewers were satisfied with a simple yes to the question, “Are you a people person?”

Today, however, it’s not enough. It’s pretty obvious that the answer should be yes if you are serious about getting the job. Who would ever say no?

For this reason, interviewers are looking for more insight into your people skills.

Of course, they may still want to know if you are a people person.

They just want to know why you consider yourself a people person.

They want examples of how you have come to believe that about yourself.

What’s more, they want examples of how your people skills will work to the advantage of their company if you are hired for the position.

There are plenty of ways to convey that you are a “people person” without using those words. Here are just a few:

  • I enjoy meeting and getting to know new people.
  • I am loquacious.
  • People feel like they know me even when we have just met.

A statement like this is even better when you follow it with an example of how your people skills have benefited you or a former employer in the past.

Another way to enhance the statement is to indicate how these merits of yours can benefit their business.

Here is one way to say, “I’m a people person” in a different way, and with an added emphasis on how you can be an asset in a sales environment:

“It’s really easy for me to talk with people I’ve never met before. This can translate into sales for your company because people buy things from those they know, like and trust.”

So, become familiar with some more explicit ways of demonstrating that you are a people person.

This will come in handy for interviews, and for networking with people in your field.



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