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Be Fair to Yourself and to Your Client

Be Fair to Yourself and Your Client

What is “fair” when negotiating with a client? Use the information contained in this nugget to examine your definition of fair, and make sure your negotiations are fair to both you and your client.

When you are negotiating with a client, you can sometimes get into challenging or uncomfortable thinking.

You may start to think of all the reasons why you should be charging less or giving more.

If you have difficulty charging what your product or service is really worth, you may want to integrate a more productive way of thinking into your daily habits, patterns and practices.

Sometimes when you concede to “whatever is fair” it’s more about people pleasing than being fair.

Often, this ends up being unfair for you! This is not how you gain financial freedom for yourself or your business.

I’m certainly not advocating being unfair, or taking advantage of anyone, but I am advocating for the choice that is right for both parties.

The goal of negotiation is to come to an agreement about what works for both parties. The other person, at any level along the way, has a right to say, “No, that doesn’t work for me.”

One way of looking at this is from a boundary perspective.

Honoring that your client has the right to decide what is financially viable for them is an aspect of maintaining healthy boundaries.

You are respecting that they have the power to make their own decisions.

When we start questioning whether it’s fair or not, we are somewhat assuming their opinion without officially asking, which is a form of boundary crossing.

Actually, it is none of my business what my client can or cannot afford.

If we aren’t honoring our clients as full, complete individuals who have the ability to make decisions for themselves, we are actually meddling and controlling.

Your role is to present yourself, your company, your product, and your price. Their role is to decide whether or not it is a right fit for them.

If it is not right for them, it’s okay.

Never assume that means you need to lower your price.

This is not how you create a money breakthrough in your business!

Maintaining healthy boundaries in this way when it comes to negotiating with a client is about standing in your power. When you value who you are and what your business has to offer, you are confident in stating your price.



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