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Fear Is Normal

Fear Is Normal

What does it mean when you get the “wiggles” about a challenge that you’re facing?  Should you go ahead with it?  Here’s a clue about how fear can play a positive role in your experience.

There will be times on your career path when you will be afraid.

Fear is unavoidable.

Career growth has fear built into it.

That’s because, when we are growing, we are stepping out of our comfort zone and into the unknown.

That can be scary!

My best advice about what to do with fear is to make it your friend. You will never find or build your dream job if you don’t become comfortable with a little fear.

As you tread the path of career growth toward your dream job, here are some things that may feel a little uncomfortable:

Anything that involves “putting yourself out there” so to speak has the potential to incite fear.

Here’s a little secret about successful, fulfilled entrepreneurs who enjoy their lives and their work:

They are feeling a little fear ALL THE TIME. And they’re okay with that because they know it comes with the territory. They have learned to stand in the fear instead of running away from it.

No money breakthrough comes without fear!

This does not mean doing anything rash or reckless. It’s more like the feeling of standing in cold jello. It’s not terribly pleasant, but it isn’t going to hurt you either.

If you are serious about money breakthrough, career growth, and/or finding your dream job, you have to step into the cold, squishy, uncomfortable pool of jello called fear.

So, keep this in mind the next time you feel a little scared.

Stepping into the situation in that moment, rather than running out of the jello for safety just because it’s cold between your toes is one of the best things you can do for your prosperity.