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Fierce Self Love

Fierce Self Love

Do you have fierce self love? Do you know what that is? If not, take a listen here and learn how you can start to practice it in your life.

Living your life purpose to the fullest requires you to love and respect yourself.

That can become challenging when you are feeling things like disappointment, self-judgment, and regret.

I practice something I call fierce client love with my clients, and I encourage them to learn and practice the same thing with themselves.

Fierce SELF love means acknowledging your highest potential even when you may be feeling far away from it in the present moment.

I hold space for the highest version of my clients when they may not be fully tapped into it.

I see it as their truth, and I believe in it wholeheartedly.

It’s the truth of who they really are.

That highest version is the person I interact with during coaching sessions.

So, in my mind, I am always speaking to what I see as the full potential of their highest self.

In order to practice this with yourself, as fierce self-love, you have to know what your truth is and you have to be willing to stand up for it.

You have to acknowledge the things YOU value most in life and then create a life that accommodates and honors those things.

When you are willing to fight for your highest values and aspirations, you are not willing to sell yourself short. You are not willing to behave in ways that please others (like employers, partners, friends or business associates) if those behaviors do not resonate with your most sincere values.

Get clear about what your values are, and become aware of instances where you have a tendency to value someone else’s expectations of you above your own. Make a commitment to yourself to practice fierce self love, even, and especially, when you are feeling discouraged or disappointed.

Stand up for YOUR TRUTH.



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