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Keep your knees bent

Keep Your Knees Bent

Do you ever have days where you easily move through whatever comes your way and smoothly handle, process and manage it all with grace and style? Wouldn’t it be a gift if all our days and weeks could be like that? Well, here’s a way to surf through the ups and downs of life in your own environment and workplace (plus our bigger community too) with more ease.

Driven by curiosity, gently observing yourself can be one of your greatest learning tools

Observing Ourselves

We ALL have an opportunity to learn and listen more, use our voices and take intentional action.

A New Chapter

A New Chapter

How do you cope when the universe decides to throw you a curveball? If you’ve lived long enough, you have certainly had to deal with some unexpected, uncomfortable, and even frightening circumstances that somehow turned out to be a blessing in the end. For those of you who could use some inspiration right about now, here are some encouraging words about finding opportunity within a challenging situation.

Qualities of the New Normal

Qualities of the New Normal | 7 Skills for the Future

Do you have the requisite qualities for building a satisfying life for yourself and a better world for others? No matter what your answer, the good news is, these qualities can be learned and cultivated. In this podcast, I’ll discuss three such qualities and their potential positive impact.

Wait A Minute

Wait a Minute!

Do you find a million things to do instead of what you really need to do? Here’s a provocative angle on the psychology of procrastination.

Your Work From Home Groove

Your Work From Home Groove | Go Big and Go Home

Do you find working at home to be frustrating and unproductive? If so, it’s likely because you simply haven’t set yourself up for success. In this podcast, I’ll offer some essential tips for doing just that. You may even discover how working from home can be more productive than working at the office!

Something To Celebrate

Something To Celebrate

These are strange, uncertain times for sure. I know many of us are feeling unsettled. What I would like to remind you of here are some positive focal points. It is possible to find joy and appreciation, even now!

Mindset of Stuck

Mindset of Stuck | Ignite Your Life

I’ve been hearing the word “stuck” from an awful lot of people lately, as many feel we are now “stuck at home” as a consequence of the coronavirus. I can tell you that “stuck” in not an environment or a location, but a mindset.

To-do: Be good to YOU!

To do: Be good to YOU!

Ever experience mental anguish over not getting to important tasks on your to do list? Gain some insight into one golden list item you may be missing.