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Freedom from Credit Cards

Freedom From Credit Cards

Credit card abuse is rampant in our society. If you are making an effort to wean yourself off credit cards, here are some specific steps, which are guaranteed to make the transition more successful. Take back your power!

On the road to financial freedom, money breakthrough opportunities arise when we become conscious of unhealthy spending habits.

If you want to experience the personal power that goes along with financial freedom, it is essential that you acknowledge your unhealthy boundaries around spending.

One place where many people have unhealthy boundaries is credit card spending.

If you are someone who has difficulty setting boundaries around credit card spending, keep reading for some expert advice on how to take a big money breakthrough step in the direction of your financial freedom.

You may be accustomed to using your credit card for most of your spending simply because it is easy and convenient.

However, having your credit card on hand at all times could be a stumbling block for your financial freedom.

It’s too easy and convenient when it comes to spending on frivolous and unnecessary items.

In this case, I suggest switching from a credit card to a debit card. This allows you the same convenience as a credit card, but quells the temptation to overspend.

When you are willing to make this change, you immediately gain some personal power.

It makes a statement to yourself and the universe that you are willing to become more conscious of your spending.

It sets the stage for a money breakthrough.

The next step in this money breakthrough process is to take your credit card out of your wallet or purse altogether.

Don’t even have it readily available. I’m not suggesting that you cut it up. There may be an emergency situation where you have to use credit.

The idea behind not having it in your wallet is that you aren’t able to make a quick decision to purchase something you really don’t need.

If your credit card is in the back of your closet instead of your back pocket, you remove the opportunity to spend without contemplating the consequences.

You fortify the boundary by removing the opportunity to cross it in a moment of weakness.

Are you serious about your quest for financial freedom? If so, take this initiative. You will gain a renewed sense of personal power every time you don’t use your credit card.



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