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Are you accomplishing the things you want to accomplish? If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated about not moving forward, here is a chunk of golden advice about how to set and meet specific goals that will bring you freedom and fulfillment.


Are you earning the money you want to be earning?

Getting the marketing project done that you need to get done?

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or irritated with your business, consider it an invitation to get clear about your goals.

Having goals is necessary for any endeavor.

Having specifically defined and measurable goals increases your chances of success.

Having those goals written down increases your chances even more.

People who have specifically defined and measurable goals that are written down increase their chances of success by about 200 percent! This is a proven statistic.

Legacy entrepreneurs seeking to gain financial freedom by pursuing their dream job MUST have specifically defined, measurable goals. And these goals should be written down!

There are three SMARTIE goals I advise for legacy entrepreneurs:

  •     Income goal
  •     Marketing project goal
  •     Inner work goal

Any entrepreneur seeking financial freedom should always have these three goals written down.

Your income goal needs to be a specific dollar value.

If you are hoping to build your client list, establish a concrete number of how many new clients you are aiming to add.

The goals will change as your business grows and changes.

I recommend setting these three goals every thirty days.

Once you have these goals set, they should always be at the top of your mind. Ideally, you are thinking of almost nothing else.

This is the way you build your dream job.

If you find yourself working on something that is not one of your goals, take a moment and put it on your Not Now list.

It is most likely an unnecessary distraction.

And don’t be discouraged if the goals are not always met.

The purpose of setting goals is not to use them to beat yourself up.

It is to help you gain a sense of where you need to put your energy.

If you think you need a little more guidance in setting and accomplishing realistic goals, reach out for a free consultation with me, or peruse my website for some valuable nuggets of wisdom.



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