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Have You Found Your Internal Groove?

Have You Found Your Internal Groove?

Are you doing work that allows you to live from your own Internal Groove? In this short audio clip, I’ll explain why I decided to call my coaching business Internal Groove, and why it turned out to be the perfect name.

I sometimes get asked how I came up with Internal Groove, the name for my coaching business.

It was actually quite natural.

Internal Groove was a term I had used for many years.

And this started long before I had any idea I would ever pursue becoming a coach.

I used the term to describe people I met (or even just observed from a distance) who seemed to be glowing from the inside out.

It was like a light was shining through them.

They exuded satisfaction and contentment with who they were and what they were doing.

This light I observed didn’t have anything to do with their physical description.

It was about the feeling I got from them.

They were self-confident.

They liked themselves.

They seemingly had found their niche in life and were enjoying being exactly who they were and doing what they loved to do.

My husband reminded me of this term I had coined when I was brainstorming names for my coaching business.

As soon as he mentioned it, I knew it was the right name.

It was, of course, the perfect name, because it’s exactly what I do as a life and career coach.

I facilitate my clients’ discovery of their unique Internal Groove.

It’s one of the most rewarding parts of being a coach!

I love guiding people through the process of assessing their values, needs, strengths, gifts, and talents, and using that information to help them craft a career that allows them to stand in their truth and power – to shine from the inside out.

When you design your career in a way that allows you to stand in your truth and power, you begin to find your own unique Internal Groove.

There is no substitute for that!

Are you standing in your truth and power? Have you found your Internal Groove?



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