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Hidden Gifts of Quarantine

Hidden Gifts of Quarantine

Every experience, no matter how difficult, has hidden gems of insight and wisdom to offer. Life is constantly giving us opportunities to learn and grow, so we can ultimately discover hidden gifts. If you’re feeling a little wobbly and uncertain, or if you just need a little reminder, listen in on this perspective reset about how you can begin to uncover your hidden quarantine gifts, and move forward with more hope.


Simplifying our lives.

It’s something many of us craved and dreamed of before the pandemic.

So, in a way, the pandemic has handed us a beautiful opportunity… and not just individually, but collectively.

We all had a chance, at the same time, to stop our lives as we had come to know them. And for many of us, we had to do a double-take about how we had been operating.

We had become accustomed to running from one thing to the next, often mindlessly, barely giving ourselves time to think, eat or breathe. This was our normal, everyday existence.

I realize this crisis has had different consequences for each of us.

One thing I hope it gave us all is a chance to re-evaluate what matters most.

Since we had some time to reflect, something our previous way of being had likely not afforded us, we may have recognized some things that really needed to change.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to be able to do some much-needed catching up or recovering from your hectic lifestyle, I hope you will put some serious thought into how you can carry some of your new insights into your future life. I hope you will move forward with a more conscious way of operating in your life and perhaps a new level of career wisdom.

Please be intentional about what you want to take into your next chapter. Truly acknowledge what you have learned each time you cross the threshold out of your home and venture into the world.

What do you want to leave behind, in the pre-quarantine world?

If you are someone who lost your job, or had to deal with difficult work challenges and stress as a result of the crisis, you too may have gotten an unexpected gift.

With the right mindset, you can use this reset as an opportunity to start building a life and a career that truly lights you up. No, it’s not always easy, but I know you can do it.

What are some things you can start doing now to build the life you’ve dreamed of?

To do the work you’re meant to do? If you’ve lost your job, you truly have nothing to lose if you want to try something new!

And the good news is, there are lots of funding opportunities for people who want to jump start their business in a new way or are ready to launch a new one based on creative solutions to challenges we didn’t have before.

Make a commitment to yourself to hold the gifts and discoveries you made during quarantine close. Find ways to incorporate the things that matter most to you into your everyday life!

And don’t forget to look for the hidden gifts in every situation!


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