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Hit the Reset Button

Hit the Reset Button

Do you find yourself trying to power through the day without taking breaks when you have a full schedule? This is not the ideal way to operate. Here’s a reminder for those of you who don’t refuel when you need it that there’s a really good reason to take care of yourself.

It’s true for many of us that we try to power through when we start to feel sleepy, droopy, or overwhelmed in the middle of a lengthy project or a demanding day.

Productivity is the most important thing, right?

That’s what we tell ourselves anyway. And we think that means we can’t stop and lose valuable time that we could be using to “get things done.”

This is especially true when we’re working in a time crunch or trying to finish a project.

The truth is that this is not a good method of self management or energy management.

If we take breaks when we notice ourselves starting to feel sleepy, overwhelmed, or otherwise in a less than optimal mental state, we give our body and brain a chance to re-calibrate.

So we come back with renewed energy.

Our brain works more efficiently when we take breaks.

This is important when you are doing activities that require focus and attention.

The brain and body need fuel in order to operate at their full potential. When we ignore this, we set ourselves on course for a big crash later. And the worst part is, we process information much less effectively when our energy is depleted.

So, not only do you set yourself up for a crash when you power through.

You also are not as productive, and your brain is not as functional.

There’s no good reason NOT to stop and take care of yourself when you need to refuel.

The next time you feel tempted to neglect your body’s needs, remember:

If you stop and take a break when you feel yourself starting to wilt (especially in situations where you need brain power), do yourself a favor. Take the time to stop what you are doing, and refuel.

It really is like hitting the reset button.

Much better than the crash and burn you get when you ignore your body’s signs that it needs something.



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