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How To Trust The Process When You’re Feeling Afraid

How to Trust the Process When You're Feeling Afraid

It’s not uncommon for clients to come to me searching for how to trust the process of life when they are facing big challenges. Fear is a natural part of life. In this audio clip, I’ll offer a refreshing perspective that can help you frame fear in a more constructive way.

It’s challenging to know how to trust the process of life when you’re feeling overwhelmed with fear.

Anytime you are feeling fearful, it’s a good time to ask yourself questions.

Asking the right questions can help dispel negative emotions so you can move through the discomfort of fear.

You may have heard the word F.E.A.R. used as an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

This is a great mnemonic for re-conceptualizing fear when it has you in a tough spot, because we often label things as fear without taking a deeper look at what is really going on inside us.

Often when someone says they are nervous, fearful, or anxious about something, when they dig a little deeper, they discover that some percentage of the feeling is excitement.

That’s because fear and excitement feel physiologically the same in the body. Our hands shake, we perspire a little more than usual, we get stomach butterflies, etc.

This is where the “ask yourself questions” part comes into play.

For example, when I’m working with a client who is nervous about making a big move, having an uncomfortable conversation, or taking on a new project, I ask them to assess what percentage of what they are feeling is excitement.

It’s important to ask yourself the excitement question before you label the feeling you are feeling as fear.

Think of it as a pie that represents 100%, and mentally fill in the portion that depicts the excitement you are feeling.

As it turns out, there is usually a much bigger portion of the pie that’s excitement than people have acknowledged.

Without making this assessment, it’s easy to glue the excitement to the fear and then call it all fear.

The next time you are feeling anxious or afraid, take a moment to assess what percentage of your feeling is actually excitement.

Doing this can help motivate you to take a step in the right direction rather than feeling paralyzed by fear.



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