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Is Celebration One of Your Coping Skills?

Is Celebration One of Your Coping Skills?

How do your coping skills measure up when you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, or otherwise compromised? In this audio clip, I’ll give you a simple and fun formula for up-leveling your coping skills.

Healthy coping skills are necessary if you want to become a better and better version of yourself.

One of the coping skills I encourage my clients to adopt is celebrating the little victories.

Because the small accomplishments are just as important as the big ones.

And sometimes they have a bigger impact in the long run.

Not to mention, when we celebrate our victories, we encourage ourselves to keep up the good work.

So, instead of becoming exasperated with yourself when you make an error or disappoint yourself in some way, make a choice to do something different, and then celebrate making that choice.

For instance, let’s say you find yourself getting worked up about a disappointing interaction with your boss, a co-worker, a client, or your significant other.

Rather than shake a finger at yourself like a judgemental parent, take a moment to acknowledge where you are, and then make a choice to take the necessary steps to shift your energy.

Here’s an example of how those steps might unfold:

  1. Notice what’s happening internally in your mind and body.
  2. Stop whatever it is you are doing that you don’t want to continue doing.
  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Take five deep breaths.
  5. Recenter yourself.

And the most important part?

CELEBRATE that you have just made a conscious healthy shift in your mindset and/or your behavior.

Here are a few things I consider worthy of celebration:

  • Shifting your self-talk from self-critical to self-loving.
  • Handling a stressful phone call with tact and grace.
  • Taking a moment to notice a beautiful cloud or a light breeze on your face.
  • Not taking someone else’s behavior personally.

Being judgemental (especially toward yourself) has a tendency to keep you trapped in a negative loop.

That’s why, when you stop yourself and take steps to come out of that negative loop, it’s worthy of a celebration.

It means you are making progress in the direction you want to go.



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