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Is It Time for a Life Values Inventory?

Is It Time for a Life Values Inventory?

Have you ever done a life values inventory? It’s one way to evaluate whether it makes sense to adjust your daily operations. Listen to this audio clip and see if you need to change things up.

Self-management skills are an essential component of creating a life and career you love.

And doing a life values inventory to determine what is important to you is a great self-management tool.

While your core values often do not change or fluctuate, there are other life values that may need to be revisited every so often.

Let me explain.

When you are in college, you may value spending time with friends more than you value getting eight hours of sleep every night.

But that may change as you move into the world of working a regular job.

It may change again if you get married, and again if you have children, and yet again when your children leave home.

I find sometimes that people are living according to life values that fit with the needs they had five, ten, twenty, and sometimes even thirty years ago.

There are values other than the sleep schedule we choose that can change through the different stages of life, such as:

  • Who we spend time with
  • The ways in which we get exercise or physical activity
  • The foods we eat (and when we eat meals)
  • What we do in our free time

Are you still living according to the life values that made sense for you when you had small children, but now your children are grown?

Or are there other ways in which you are living according to an outdated set of life values?

If you haven’t thought about how and why you are operating in certain ways in your daily life, it may be time for a life values inventory.

Take stock of how you spend your time, money, and energy and ask yourself if it is the best fit for the life you are living NOW.

It may be time for an upgrade.



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